VIC_LIVE2Just to confirm my own belief in Vic as an artist I took him to two major labels at an early stage…

The head A&R of the first label sat quiet for a minute or two after having heard a couple of early demos and then said…”in my head I’ve gone through the list of artists i’ve worked with and that i’ve seen over the years plus those we have right now…and none of these come close to this amazement”

The boss of the second label looked at Vic while listening to about 90 seconds each of three front of him I also put a couple of new promo pictures.
FIVE (5!) minutes after entering his office, he offered us a deal for North America and just said…”I know you will talk to the other labels as well and you should…but you need to know that we REALLY want this and I’m sorry for not acting cooler and play more hard to get about it”.

In the 30 years I’ve been a pro musician, song-writer and producer I’ve constantly looked for great new talents to develop and get signed, I’ve had success with quite a few but nothing and no one comes close to what I know I have found in Vic Heart.

He is 19 years old and a REAL Artist, in five years he will have 3-4 albums under his belt and extensive touring experience…yet being only 24…in ten years he will have a whole long line of albums, live DVD’s and – who knows – what other big things and he will still only be 29 years old…in twenty years he will no doubt be a legendary Rock-Star with a solid career behind him yet still in his prime…cause even then he will be five years younger than Keith Urban is today!!!

We are not looking for a quick explosion, a one hit wonder or just the hot topic of 2011, we are gonna build a career that will last, due to a unique voice, great music, genuine talent and hard work.

Each & everyone I’ve met from the world’s top of the line song-writers to legendary musicians, heads of record labels or publishing, print and broadcast media, model agencies etc all say the same thing…you are the next big thing – VIC HEART!

– Tommy Denander (EverTune Artist)

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