Russell AliBangladeshi-Superstar-turned-Hollywood-Shredder Russell Ali is simply ecstatic about his newly EverTuned Gibson Les Paul.

Longtime collaborator and friend Tom Fletcher stopped by Russell’s studio to see how EverTune has changed Russell’s approach to composing and recording.

Fletcher, a producer/engineer who’s worked with a looong list of Big Names, shared some of his own insight into the revolutionary potential of this new technology.

What’s the take-home message?

Sure, EverTune makes pitch-perfect precision recording sessions possible, but it also allows musicians to let loose and flow freely whenever they want, without the constant interruption of tuning, re-tuning, and special-tuning.

And not only is it possible to bend with EverTune, it makes it more care-free since the guitar comes instantly back into tune.

But it gets better: both Tom and Russell found that EverTune improved the tone of the Gibson! Take a look…