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Guitar Player Magazine Video Review of the ESP LTD EC-1000ET.

Guitar Player Magazine says, “It really is just an amazing, amazing thing… Everywhere I go, every chord is in tune–which is an incredible feeling of confidence…This is game-changing technology here. Props to ESP for putting it on this really, really well-made guitar.”



Guitarist Magazine Review of the ESP LTD EC-1000ET.

In this June 2013 review, Guitarist Magazine compares the tuning stability of the ESP LTD EC-1000ET to a Les Paul Standard.  Look for a full review in the July 2013 issue of Guitarist Magazine!





Music Radar review of the ESP LTD EC 1000-ET: “No tangible tone compromises from the bridge. Unobtrusive EverTune bridge design… increasing the musicality of you and your guitar at a stroke… The EC sounds as full and aggressive as ever, with the more mellow tones of the neck EMG being pleasantly rounded, and all bereft of any metallic spring clank. You might even argue that there are resonant benefits on certain guitars.”



ESP becomes first major manufacturer to release EverTune guitar models. To read their press release from NAMM 2013 click here.








Music producers are huge influencers in the music industry and they are huge EverTune fans. Click here to see a copy of this article where reviewer, Garrett Haines, says must ‘see it to believe it’ in detailing how well EverTune functions.



Rob Chapman EverTune Video Review.

Chapman is a blues and rock guitarist and co-owner of Chapman Guitars out of the UK. EverTune is currently available on some Chapman Guitars models. In this video, he demos EverTune at our booth at NAMM 2013.



Keith Merrow EverTune Video Review.

With over 100K views from a super targeted audience, Keith is known throughout the industry as an influencer. Keith is getting his signature series Mayones and Zoov guitars with EverTune.



Ola Englund EverTune Video Review.

Ola is with the bands ‘Feared’ and ‘Six Feet Under’ and is designing a signature series guitar with Washburn that will have EverTune. Like Keith Merrow, he has a loyal audience who implicitly trusts his reviews and opinions on gear. This video has over 75K views.



Fred Brum EverTune Video Review.

Fred is a highly respected master player who began as a classical pianist. After trying our 7 string bridge he decided he must have EverTune for his Jaden Rose 8 string signature guitar, so we made one for him.



Fluff EverTune Video Review.

Fluff is another top-notch musician and gear reviewer with a large following. His YouTube channel Riffs, Beards & Gear has a large following and is highly respected.


guitarworld_logoClick here to see a copy of the August 2012 Guitar World magazine review and video by Paul Riario!




Phil Gates Demo NAMM 2012.

Gates is a consummate blues guitarist and EverTune Artist.


EverTune in Guitar Player Magazine Hall Of Fame.

We here at EverTune are honored to have made it into the very first Hall of Fame in the Innovative Product category, which “recognizes gear that significantly upped the technological, conceptual, and or practical ante”. Selecting only a handful of other products, Guitar Player calls EverTune “an ingenious collection of springs that maintain constant string tension, ensuring perfect tuning and intonation”.







Guitar Player Magazine EverTune Review.

Evertune GP

Originally published in Guitar Player magazine

Meet the EverTune bridge. An ingenious device that promises to keepyour guitar in tune forever, or at least for the life of a string set. OK, you’ve got my attention. But does it work? And if so, how?
Read the full article (PDF) >








Guitar Player Video Review.



Click here to see the CNN piece that aired multiple times and got EverTune a lot of attention.





Popular Science EverTune Best Invention Award.

EverTune inventors Cosmos Lyles and Paul Dowd are featured in Popular Science as part of Pop Sci’s annual Inventions of the Year Awards.

Their revolutionary guitar bridge was honored alongside other innovations ranging from medical advancements to new home electronics gadgets to breakthroughs in agricultural technology.

Yes, the future is here. Flying Cars and NeverTune Guitars…



EverTune inventors Cosmos Lyles and Paul Dowd

Popular Science EverTune Best Of What’s New 2010.

We are pleased to inform you that the Evertune guitar bridge has been chosen to receive a 2010 Best of What’s New Award from POPULAR SCIENCE in the Recreation category. Each year, thousands of new products and innovations are reviewed and 100 winners are chosen across 11 categories for inclusion in the annual Best of What’s New issue, the best-read issue of the year. To win, a product or technology must represent a significant step forward in its category. EverTune is featured in this December’s special issue, on newsstands now. View EverTune on PopSci.


Guitar Player article on Joe Satriani’s Guitars.

Satriani Evertune Guitar Player MagazineJoe Satriani’s guitar tech Gary Brawer discusses the EverTune bridge in the January 2012 issue of Guitar Player Magazine.

“We recently installed Evertune bridges onto four of Joe’s non-trem guitars. There are a couple of Chickenfoot songs that have some intricate rhythm work on them and Joe was interested in trying that bridge. It was a great match. He loved how the bridges kept the chords in tune on those songs.”

Download PDF of the Article







The Guitar That Stays in Tune
In October, an engineer and a musician named Cosmos Lyles began selling EverTune, a guitar bridge that keeps the instrument from going out of tune no matter how hard its strings are strummed or bent.

Self-tuning guitars have been available since the late ’80s but have failed to gain traction among players because of their complexity. Gibson’s Robot Guitar system, for example, requires a rechargeable battery to power an onboard computer and motors that retune the instrument. EverTune, however, is a purely mechanical spring-and-lever system: when a string stretches or slips, the springs apply the opposing force necessary to compensate for the shift, thus maintaining the correct tension and tuning. Lyles’s solution eluded guitar builders for decades…


EverTune is garnering a lot of International attention as well.

Cover article of German Guitar Magazine.

Gitarre and Bass ReviewTranslated in English from the original German article: Download German Version >

The American Company EverTune was founded by musician and physicist Cosmos Lyles, who also had the initial idea about the constant tension system. His partner is Paul Dowd who initially was a paid consultant of Cosmos but bought into his idea from the start and since has been responsible for realizing the mechanical solution.

The heart of the system is 6 springs, which hold the strings and which by functioning like an automobile suspension ensure the same tension the whole time, regardless whether the string is influenced by mechanical or atmospheric influences (e.g. heat). Read the full article (PDF) >


German Video Review.


Swedish Guitar Magazine Fuzz.

Tommy Denander VGS EvertuneEvertune Artist Tommy Denander’s Signature VGS Guitar is featured on the May 2011 cover of Swedish guitar magazine FUZZ!









EverTune Video Review From Scandinavia.


Polish Guitar Magazine.

Evertune Artist Tommy Denander is featured on the August 2011 cover of Poland’s biggest guitar magazine with his signature EverTuned VGS guitars!








Italian EverTune Video Reviews.




Korean Video Review.



French EverTune Video Review.