A whole new way of approaching the art and science of keeping instruments in tune and intonated

A whole new way of approaching the art and science of keeping instruments in tune and intonated


Willie Adler / Lamb of God
"To be honest with you, the Evertune system was a bit baffling at first. I was skeptical to say the least. What I came to learn during the process of tracking guitars for our upcoming album was mind blowing to say the least. Not only does the Evertune system greatly increase the efficiency whilst in the studio, it allows the player to well, just play. That is where this system shines. As a guitar player and song writer, my main concerns are playing well and crafting a well structured piece of music. The Evertune allows just that. It eliminates any and all concerns over tonal issues brought about by tuning and intonation problems. To say that I’m stoked about my Evertunes is an understatement. If you haven’t tried the Evertune, I strongly encourage you do. You won’t be disappointed."
Jari Mäenpää / Wintersun
“I have to say that I love this freaking thing more and more everyday. The honeymoon is not over, in fact it just keeps getting better! I was very excited at first about the EverTune technology, 'cause I've been battling for years with guitar´s tuning & intonation problems in studio + live. When you've been playing guitar for over 20 years and being involved around music everyday, your ear gets so trained and you hear even the slightest out of tune notes and it's very annoying to me. I think the guitar is a "stone-age" instrument, even still today. There hasn't been many innovations done with it since the birth and it was about time that someone did!

We just came from the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise. We had really long flights from dry & cold Finnish weather to hot & moist Miami. As everyone who tours around the world knows that weather and temperature changes affect a lot and messes with guitars. Also my guitars had rough treatment at the airports, but when we reached our destination the tuning was perfect! Now that I've had some real world experiences with the EverTune, I can safely say that this thing is solid and I can trust it.

Other thing what I love about the EverTune is how easy it is to change the guitar strings with it and adjust the intonation, string height (for each string separately) and of course the tuning. Some people may fear a little bit that this is a complex system, it is not. It´s a very easy, simple and elegant system. I've always sucked adjusting guitars (I just know how to play them), but with the EverTune it´s easy.

Guitars are very temperamental, they don´t like weather changes, different string tensions and million other things. So they live with all the changes all the time and I hate it! To put it simply, the intonation sucks in guitars! But the EverTune helps with that enormously. For me this thing is a no brainer. I´m gonna put it in all my guitars from now on.

I want to thank the EverTune guys from the bottom of my heart, they have really innovated something special which is helping me a lot in my work and I´m falling in love with the guitar all over again.”
Jari Mäenpää from Wintersun about the EverTune Bridge
Tim Rossi / Blackfoot
"Evertune is a life changing and truly revolutionary invention. No more fear and loathing of inevitable and constant tuning issues at shows and recording sessions. Now I'm free to play without worrying about radical bends, picking too hard, jumping around and generally abusive playing. In turn, freeing me up to concentrate on creating music and entertaining the audience. Now before a show or recording session I put on a new set of strings, fine tune it and I'm good to go til' I put another set of strings on. So do yourself a favor and make the leap and EverTune up. You won't regret it. Once you EverTune you'll never go back!"