Animated Video Tutorials

What happens inside the bridge will help you understand how EverTune works. Take a look inside for the most valuable setup/learning resource we have.


A Look Inside EverTune (5:26)

Introduction to EverTune's Active Zone

Discover the various adjustments on the bridge and how the tuners have a second function.

Checking We Are In Zone 2 (3:04)

  • Checking We Are In Zone 2 By Ear (1:34)

  • Checking We Are In Zone 2 By Eye (1:30)

Tuning & Bending (10:49)

  • Tuning EverTune at the Bridge (3:15)

  • Setting Bend Sensitivity (7:34)

Intonation & Action Adjustment (8:26)

  • Intonation & Action Adjustment (6:23)

  • Action Adjustment (2:03)

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