A whole new way of approaching the art and science of keeping instruments in tune and intonated

Animated Video Tutorials

What happens inside the bridge will help you understand how EverTune works. Take a look inside for the most valuable setup/learning resource we have.


A Look Inside EverTune (5:26)

Introduction to EverTune's Active Zone

Discover the various adjustments on the bridge and how the tuners have a second function.

Checking We Are In Zone 2 (3:04)

  • Checking We Are In Zone 2 By Ear (1:34)

  • Checking We Are In Zone 2 By Eye (1:30)

Tuning & Bending (10:49)

  • Tuning EverTune at the Bridge (3:15)

  • Setting Bend Sensitivity (7:34)

Intonation & Action Adjustment (8:26)

  • Intonation & Action Adjustment (6:23)

  • Action Adjustment (2:03)

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