Guitar Buying Guide

On what guitars does EverTune come pre-installed?

Factory Guitars

More and more great manufacturers are getting on the EverTune bandwagon, and offering beautiful EverTune-equipped instruments directly from their factories. A diverse array of cool guitars are available right now from awesome companies like B.C. Rich Guitars, ESP Guitars, Framus & Warwick, Ibanez Guitars, Schecter Guitar Research and Solar Guitars.

  • BC Rich
  • ESP
  • Framus and Warwick
  • Ibanez
  • Schecter Guitar Research
  • Solar Guitars

Evertune Aftermarket Upgrades

EverTune bridges installed by EverTune. Meticulously quality controlled and set-up by the people who designed the revolutionary bridge system.

  • Charvel Guitars
  • Fender Guitars
  • Gibson Guitars
  • Ibanez Guitars
  • Jackson Guitars
  • PRS Guitars

Boutique & Custom Shop Builders

We also have many boutique and custom shop builders building EverTune into their models.

  • Kiesel Custom Guitars
  • Balaguer Guitars
  • Jericho Guitars
  • Halo Custom Guitars
  • Mayones Guitars and Basses
  • Skervesen Guitars
  • Daemoness Guitars
  • Vandermeij Guitars
  • Alien Soundworks
  • Negrini Guitars
  • Taisto Guitars
  • Kiiras Instruments
  • GV Guitars
  • Rusti Guitars
  • Aviator Guitars
  • Badstroke Guitars
  • Mikagi Guitars
  • Shuker Guitars
  • Mermet Guitars
  • Stonewolf Guitars
  • Zeal Guitars
  • brand_info
  • Hapas Guitars
  • Mythic Guitars
  • Fant Guitars
  • Sign Guitars
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