What is EverTune?

A patented all mechanical guitar bridge system that keeps your guitar in tune under any conditions. And yes, you can bend normally with EverTune.


What Is Evertune And What Does It Do?

Our patented EverTune saddles balance the string tension of guitar strings precisely so that, once you tune your guitar, strings stay in tune forever.

It simply will not go OUT of tune....no matter the weather, or how hard you play.

In this day where every thing is digital and robotic, it is nice to know that EverTune relies only on Physics and springs. It’s a dependable maintenance-free solution for people who like to play hard and sound perfect, every note.

Joe Duplantier of Gojira using EverTune live for over 500 000 people in Poland

Joe Duplantier of Gojira using EverTune live for over 500 000 people in Poland


The benefits of EverTune are many, and one of the biggest is intonation. Intonation is how in tune each note is on each fret.

Many guitars have spots where notes are always sharp. An example of this would be the first fret when a high nut is installed. Also the frets above 15 are usually sharp.

Because many of these intonation issues are caused by varying pressure, EverTune is the only technology that can provide perfect intonation for each note on each fret throughout the whole fretboard. If the frets are correctly placed, EverTune will play them all in tune even if a player squeezes the string too hard.

Matt Heafy by Kevin Wilson NYC

Matt Heafy of Trivium photographed by Kevin RC Wilson.

In The Studio

For this reason EverTune is great for studio recording.

With its rock solid tuning and perfect intonation, it saves hours in the studio. It is also easy to go back months later and patch in new guitar parts.

Whereas conventional guitars struggle to fit seamlessly in to old recordings because their tuning and intonation, and hence their sound, fluctuate with the season, EverTuned guitars will sound consistent month after month.

Perfect for the songwriter who would rather trade 5 minutes of inspired recording for 5 minutes of tuning before recording.

Artist, Producer, Engineer George Bokos

Artist, Producer, Engineer George Bokos in the studio with his go-to EverTune guitar.


Another benefit is that EverTune is the only technology that keeps a guitar in tune regardless of temperature and humidity changes.

Temperature makes steel strings expand and contract. This will change the note. Notes get sharp in cold when the steel strings want to contract and flat in heat when the steel strings expand.

Humidity can swell a neck, making it longer, and therefore making the notes go sharp as well.

EverTune saddles are the only saddles that provide constant tension in these situations and therefore keep the notes in perfect tune. For this reason EverTune is a great choice for live shows and touring bands who are constantly changing locations and ambient temperatures and humidities.

It really works. Check out what artists and customers have said.

Brian Head Welch with his signature SH-7 ESP LTD model

Brian Head Welch of KORN with his signature SH-7 ESP LTD model.


Unlike auto-tuned and robot tuned guitars, EverTune is tuned by the player, and therefore can support any tuning.

See our tunings and string gauges guide here for more information on string gauges and tunings.

And see Steps 1 and 2 of our Quickstart guide here which describes how to tune each string.

Tunings and String Gauges


Each saddle on an EverTune bridge can be set for fast bending of notes and for no bending of notes and everywhere in between.

This means the low E could be set to not change pitch even when squeezed too hard by the player, while the G, B and high E could be set to bend as soon as the player bends. And it takes just seconds per string.

Video Demonstration

To see this in action check the video clip to the rightbelow.

Intonation and Action

Intonation and Action usually only have to be set once unless the player changes string gauges and tunings.

Setting intonation and action are easier to do with EverTune than with most conventional bridges and often save the player having to get a professional setup and string change.

For instructions on how to intonate with EverTune see our Step 4 of our Quick Start Guide, and for how to adjust action with EverTune see Step 5.

Our manual which can be downloaded by clicking here.


For more info on setup, see our quick start instructions and download our manual here.

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