String Tension Gauge Calculator

NOTE: The A string of a 10 - 52 set in standard tuning WILL LIKELY NEED a HIGH TENSION saddle module.

NOTE: Our string tension calculator is based on D'Addario's string tension information and should therefore only be seen as an approximation when using different brand gauges, since other brands can have different tension values. The string material also matters, especially with bigger strings.

What tunings are supported? (reminder)

Any tuning can be supported since each string is tuned by the player. However, the standard EverTune saddles, that come with the bridge, have a tension range of nominally 10 – 28 pounds, and definitely 11 – 26 pounds.

We also sell low tension saddles that go from 8 - 22 pounds and high tension saddles that go from 15 - 45 pounds. People can buy these here if they have string gauges and tunings that need very high and very low tensions.

Standard Saddles nominally 10 - 28 pounds.
Low Tension Saddles nominally 8 - 22 pounds.
High Tension Saddles nominally 15 - 45 pounds.

The standard tension saddles, that come with the bridge, cover about 80% of common tuning string gauge combinations.

So how do we know what tensions we need for our specific tunings and string sizes? The first step to deciding which saddle is right for a certain tuning range is to use the String Tension Gauge Calculator above.

It will calculate tensions for given string sizes and recommend which saddle is right.

Other Notes

If the tuning is within 2 pounds of an upper or lower tension limit on a certain saddle, we suggest going to the next saddle up or down.

For example, for tensions of 12 pounds or less, we suggest low tension saddles, even though technically the standard saddles should go down to 10 pounds. Likewise, for 26 pounds and up, we suggest high tension saddles.

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