New Products

We can not at this time talk about any specifics when it comes to unreleased products. What we can say though is that we're working on version 2 of our EverTune technology, which will feature many improvements and some additional features.

EverTune Bass Bridge

When Will The Bass Be Ready?

Please visit the bass section of the website for updates.


When Will The Next Guitar Version Be Ready?

The next guitar version will most likely follow the release of the bass by one year.

The evolution of the bass technology will most likely be integrated into the guitar, making it a faster development process.

When Is The Acoustic Bridge Coming Out?

We are very excited to release our acoustic EverTune bridges.

We plan to develop this in parallel with our tremolo bridge.

Other Instruments

When Is The Evertune Piano Coming Out?

Though it is impossible to say when it will come out, development on this iconic instrument should start right after the release of our next guitar version. It may be a few years before it is ready and it will be worth the wait.

What New Evertune Products Are Scheduled For Development?

We want EverTune to be an option for all stringed instruments, from violins to pianos to harps, etc.
And some have even suggested for drum heads!

All of this takes time and engineering. First we have to cover our most popular markets: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitars and then we can move on to other instruments. The silver lining for the other instruments is that the product will keep improving as it develops so by the time it is ready for these instruments it will be the smallest size, lightest weight, and best performing product it can be!

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