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Routing & Installation Videos

F & T model

  • Routing

  • Installation

G model

NOTE: For the G model installation video, please note that some parts of the video show a dated method and obsolete tools. There is a note during this section of the video to refer to the G model template written instructions. The written instructions will always be the most up to date instructions.

  • Routing demo

  • Removal & Installation

F model

NOTE: The T model is identical to the F model except that the bridge pick up will have to be removed as well.

  • blank placeholder

Servicing An EverTune Bridge

Swapping out a new saddle is straightforward.

The first video below goes over the main parts components, the main reasons a bridge will need servicing, how to disassemble, service, and re-assemble a bridge. The second covers how to install a new comb.

  • Servicing the Bridge

    Shown is the F model bridge. The only difference between the F, T and G models is the faceplate.

  • Updated Comb Install

    For the F and T models, the new comb can be installed while the bridge is in the guitar. For the G model, the bridge will have to be removed from the guitar.

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