Routing & Installation Videos

F & T model

  • Routing

  • Installation

G model

NOTE: For the G model installation video, please note that some parts of the video show a dated method and obsolete tools. There is a note during this section of the video to refer to the G model template written instructions. The written instructions will always be the most up to date instructions.

  • Routing demo

  • Removal & Installation

F model

NOTE: The T model is identical to the F model except that the bridge pick up will have to be removed as well.

  • blank placeholder

Servicing An EverTune Bridge

Swapping out a new saddle is straightforward.

The first video below goes over the main parts components, the main reasons a bridge will need servicing, how to disassemble, service, and re-assemble a bridge. The second covers how to install a new comb when it arrives.

The tool used to push the teeth into place is a small flathead screwdriver. Please note that all the pairs of teeth of the comb face one way except for the last pair which faces the opposite way. This last pair slips onto the low E side of the bridge before pushing the other teeth into place (as in video). Please remember when looking at the guitar from the back it is easy to confuse the low E side because it seems reversed.

  • Servicing the Bridge

    Shown is the F model bridge. The only difference between the F, T and G models is the faceplate.

  • Updated Comb Install

    For the F and T models, the new comb can be installed while the bridge is in the guitar. For the G model, the bridge will have to be removed from the guitar.

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